What is a Microfibre rag and How to Use it?

What is a Microfibre rag and How to Use it?

What is a microfibre rag?

A fiber with a denier rating of one or lower is considered to be a microfibre rag. Deniers is a measure of fineness equivalent to one gramme of fiber for every 9000 meters, making it extremely microscopic. In comparison, the diameter of microfibre is 1/100 that of a human hair and 1/20 that of a strand of silk. A microfibre rag has over 200,000 fibers per square inch, just for cleaning!

Can you dust with it?

These cleaning miracles are useful for a variety of tasks around the house and business. Split microfibre has a positive charge that functions as a magnet to draw in the oppositely charged dust particles. Because of this, it works better (and is safer) for dusting than a standard cloth and chemical spray. The greatest rags for cleaning for regular use may be made even better by simply rinsing it after use to remove all the dust before using it wet.

Will It Work When It’s Wet?

Dirt, grease, and stains can be easily removed with a moist towel. Since the towel needs some absorbency to soak up grime, it works best after being rinsed and then wrung out.

Cleaning tip: You can clean practically anything with water and a microfibre rag! Even a range of bacteria and germs will be able to be eliminated by it. 

Will Windows Leave Streaks After It?

Microfibre rag is ideal for windows and other surfaces that are prone to streaking since it is extremely absorbent. There is nothing left to stain the surface because these rags for cleaning can contain liquids that are up to seven times their own weight. Because of this, it is superior to paper towels for blotting up spills. Even products like our microfibre window cleaning cloths and lens wipes were created specifically for this purpose. These particular smooth surface lint-free towels are offered. Visit this page for some fantastic advice on cleaning glass with microfibre!

Uses for Microfibre rags

  • cleaning your workplace or home of dust
  • Getting rid of smudges on stainless steel and glass
  • cleaning restrooms
  • cleaning equipment
  • cleaning the kitchen countertops
  • outside and interior of cars
  • anywhere a paper towel or cloth towel would typically be used.

For each cleaning task, we provide a wide selection of microfibre rags for cleaning! There is a rag for every use, from glass washing to auto detailing. Click the link below to order the rag that is right for you! Or read on to discover more about the various kinds of microfibre towels we provide. Buy rags Sydney online only from Sam’s Rags today. 

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