Coloured T Shirt 20kg

  • Coloured T-Shirt material; (all purpose rags highly absorbent)
  • Mechanical, Printers, Painters, Cleaning, Transport, Detailing & Machinery



Affordable Coloured T-Shirt Cleaning Rags 

Due to its very absorbent soft knit cotton, the Colored T-shirt rags bulk—the most useful rag on the market—is our most popular item. This gentle-touch cleaning cloth is a favorite in the automotive, marine, engineering, and aviation industries and may be used for general cleaning. This versatile rag is perfect for any cleaning task that doesn’t call for a colorless cloth.

The exceptional softness and excellent absorption of the Color T-shirt Cleaning Rag are the reasons for its appeal. This low-lint cleaning rag is made from recycled t-shirts that have been cleaned and cut, and it is guaranteed to be free of zippers and buttons since it has gone through a skilled metal-detecting procedure. Because of their small weight, coloured t-shirt cleaning rags are very affordable and have a high wiper count.


The best all-purpose cleaning rags are coloured T-shirt rags bulk since they exceed the vast majority of rags and wipers on the market right now. The cleaning rag may be used on painted surfaces or other delicate areas because of its gentler nature. This exceptionally useful cleaning cloth has the unusual ability to absorb both water- and oil-based liquids. Use this cloth to clean up large spills and messes, such paint or oil and grease, then throw it away after it is dirty. The best conditions to employ coloured T-shirt rags bulk are those where the consistency of the material and wiper size may change.

Industries that use this cleaning rag

Because they are the most adaptable rag on the market, coloured T-shirt cleaning cloths are a favorite among cleaning agencies. The rags are commonly used in restaurant industries , but they are also widely used in the automotive, maritime, and aviation industries. Basically, this very absorbent rag will be useful to any business that does not need a colorless cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth has a variety of purposes in garages, workshops, and industrial enterprises, which are concerned about oil and grease. The Colored T-shirt rags bulk excels in all areas and offers a practical cleaning solution for use in machine and repair shops, general industry, and detailing.

Painters, printers,  janitors, mobile mechanics, cleaners, plumbers, powder coaters, detailers, smash repairers, engineering suppliers, tyre and mechanical welders, steel industry wreckers, diesel mechanics, and emergency services personnel are among the professionals who use the coloured t-shirt cleaning rag.

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Weight 20 kg