White Towel 15kg

  • White bath towel.
  • Contract Cleaners, Concrete Industries, Glass,   Mechanical, car pre delivery, car detailers



Best White Towel Rags Bulk in Australia 

The White Towel Cleaning Rag is an excellent all-purpose cleaner and a welcome addition to any cleaning arsenal. This quality white cleaning large bag of rags, guaranteed to have all zips and buttons removed, is ideal for cleaning fluid spills, wiping computers, and drying bigger surfaces. When utilising solvents or strong chemicals, this extremely absorbent cleaning cloth is a popular alternative.

The cotton White Towel Cleaning Rag is constructed entirely of recycled low-lint towels and bath robes.

Main uses: 

The White Towel Cleaning rags/cloths is the greatest rag on the market today for cleaning up all sorts of fluid spills, including water, oil, and chemicals. This 100% cotton cleaning towel with a low lint is also great for cleaning, wiping, and drying big surface areas. This superior cleaning cloth may be used for a variety of tasks, including cleaning equipment, computers, and glasses, as well as washing items and wiping surfaces with solvents.


Cleaning using a White Towel is the best rags for window cleaning cleaners that are used by janitors and painters. They are also useful in the garage, housing, roofing, plumbing, painting, and staining. These rags may be found at schools, auto yards, restaurants, and mechanical workshops. White Cotton Towel rags are popular among cleaning companies since they are the most flexible rag on the market. The rags are typically used in the restaurant cleaning industry, but they are also widely used in the automotive, maritime, and aviation industries. Essentially, this extremely absorbent rag will be beneficial to any organization that does not require any particular coloured cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth serves several functions in garages, workshops, and industrial settings where oil and grease are a problem. Colored T-shirt rags bulk performs admirably in all areas and provides a practical cleaning solution for use in machine and repair shops, general industry, and detailing.

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Weight20 kg