Light Cotton 20kg

  • Bed sheets and cotton shirt type material
  • Machinery, Polishing, Furniture Makers, Engineering



Best Light Cotton Rags Bulk in Australia

Sam’s Rag’s Light Cotton rags are woven on a specialist loom from a highly absorbent kind of cotton that are the best rags for cleaning glass. It has multiple projecting thread loops that are designed to attract water and are ideal for a range of cleaning tasks. Sam’s Rags are environmentally friendly since they are manufactured from natural materials. 

What is a Sam’s Rag’s Light Cotton Rags made of? 

As previously said, Sam’s Rag’s light cotton rags are woven from cotton, but there are other variations manufactured from linen, viscose, and other man-made fibres. Cotton is currently used to make high-quality light cotton rags because of its absorbent fibre strengthens while wet, unlike other textiles, which lose strength in water. Cotton, in fact, can hold 20 to 30 times its weight in water, which is quite handy in cleaning conditions.

In relation to the towel loops, they act as a sponge, absorbing pressure from squeezing, tugging, and rubbing. The same loops enhance the surface area of the materials, increasing their absorbency. When working with a light cotton rag, it’s critical to keep a sufficient quantity of clean cloths available. This is because your cloth is likely to become stained and overly wet in a short amount of time, therefore it’s best to use a new one whenever possible. Fortunately, Sam’s Rags has long-lasting light cotton rags that can help you do this.

This cleaning cloth is used in the following industries:

Mechanics, welders, plant hire, earth works, engineering suppliers, mining, steel, wreckers, diesel mechanics, mowing contractors, plumbers, tyre & mechanical, city councils, hydraulics, government departments, oil yards, waste disposal, plastics and moulding, boat builders and coasters are among the industries that use the Light Cotton Cleaning Rag.

Weight 20 kg