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    SAMS INDUSTRIAL WIPER RAGS was established in 1980 and provides range of high quality industrial cleaning rags. Rags are cut to convenenient size with all zips, buttons and rough elements removed. If you have a special requirement, we will endeavour to supply a product to your needs. We also sell hand Cleaners and Degreaser.

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    White T Shirt

    White T-Shirt Rags

    White T-Shirt material 100% cotton highly absorbent, Printers, Painters, Stainers, Furniture, Glass & Perspex


    Coloured T Shirt

    Colored T-Shirt material; (all purpose rags highly absorbent), Mechanical, Printers, Painters, Cleaning, Transport, Detailing & Machinery

    Light Cotton

    Light Cotton

    Bed sheets and cotton shirt type material, Machinery, Polishing, Furniture Makers, Engineering

    Best wholesale Industrial rags suppliers in Australia

    Sam’s rags manufactures multipurpose cleaning rags and wipes that are ideal for keeping workshops clean. For a range of cleaning activities, microfibre rags, cleaning cloths, cotton rags and Recycled Rags are effective solutions; they work especially well with grease and oil. Cloths that are hygienic, robust, water and oil absorbent, and low lint produce solutions that are affordable for the business. The workshop or facility may be used for general upkeep and cleaning, or for more specialized cleaning needs particular to a given firm.

    microfibre rags

    Low lint, heavy duty, antibacterial wipes are available from Sam’s rags in sheet or roll style, and they are especially made for the food processing sector.

    Wiping solutions that are long-lasting, low-lint, absorbent, sanitary, and affordable. Utilizations include effective wiping and safety fixes for equipment upkeep, food production, and fluid, grease, and oil spills. Color coding helps with cross-contamination control, product sanitization, and workplace organisation. 

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    Best selling Cleaning rags

    One of the best selling cleaning rags bulk is the  cotton-rich White T-shirt or singlet Cleaning Rag. The premium cotton-rich White T-shirt or singlet Cleaning Rags are top of the line rags with an all-purpose material that has been metal detected, guaranteeing that any metal, plastic, or nylon components (such as zippers, buttons, etc.) have been taken out. These rags are 99% lint-free. The top of the line among all rags is the Pure White Singlet Cleaning Rag, which is crafted from 100% recycled white, low-lint cotton T-shirts or singlets with knitted weave. This premium rag is supple and absorbent.

    The Best Cleaning rags supplier in Australia

    Sam’s Rags offers premium goods at the most affordable pricing. You will receive a cleaning cloth that performs above and beyond your expectations thanks to our exclusive and expert metal-detecting technique, which guarantees that every zipper and button is removed. In addition to helping you choose the best cleaning rag bulk for your particular needs, our knowledgeable and helpful customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have. Sam’s Rags has over 14 years of expertise in the detailed process of making premium cleaning rags, giving them not only the in-depth information but also the practical know-how to choose the best goods in Australia at the most competitive pricing. Sam’s Rags offers a 100% money-back guarantee that lets you exchange or refund any defective products.

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