Hospital Blanket 20kg

  • White hospital blanket – lint free
  • Glass, Mechanical & Car Detailers



Best Recycled Hospital Blanket Rags in Australia

High absorbency, exceptional softness, and ease of use make this hospital blanket rag ideal for cleaning surfaces and removing dust. Excellent applications for fans of soft fabrics.

Let’s talk about how strong, absorbent, and non-bleeding they are. If you sew together enough pieces, you could even create a whole blanket. Need something that is less bulky but yet useful than a terry towel? The white thermal blanket rags are a great option if so. Due to their reduced weight and sturdy construction, these rags are the industry standard for boat builders and nautical employees. This grade is made from white thermal blankets that have been washed. The recycled white thermal is a fantastic solution for wiping out thick spills, fibreglass stains, or even heavy caulking. 

This grade of wiping cloth belongs to the non-bleed group. This grade WILL NOT bleed colour when used with acetones, solvents, and other substances that may possibly cause colour to leave the cloth. Consider using a colourful cloth option if you only need a rag for general wiping. In comparison to non-bleed choices, colourful rags are less expensive. This grade is perfect if you require a cloth that won’t bleed colour! 


This Rag is incredibly soft, highly absorbent, and makes it simple to dust bright surfaces or clean materials. Excellent applications for fans of soft fabrics.

Materials Used:

The cotton used to make this rag has never been used before. This silky cotton is quite absorbent. Safe to use and devoid of metal.

Primary Uses

This Rag works well as a wiper. Cleaning, oil spills, kitchen cleanup, fuel leaks in workshops, etc. may all be handled with rags.

Uses for this cleaning cloth include:

In hospitals, aircraft, mining, oil, mechanical, banking, and other general cleaning rag applications, rags are frequently utilised.

Product specifications:

  • Recycled high Cotton Content white thermal thin blanket or thermal shirt material
  • Soft, Strong, Durable fabric
  • Economical substitute for white Towels
  • Great for heavy wiping, Janitorial, Boats, Metal surfaces & manufacturing
  • 100% Recycled Product
  • High Absorbency
  • Medium Lint
  • Approximate Size: 18″x18″
  • Approximate number of rags per pound: 6

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Weight20 kg