Flannelette 20kg

  • Pyjama material; great for polishing soft and absorbent
  • Metal polishers, Car Detailers, Cleaners & Mechanical, Furniture



Best Flannelette Bulk in Australia 

Do you still have any memories of how comfy and smooth your beloved flannel pajamas were? Remember that beautiful heavy-duty flannel shirt you wore when the weather became chilly? These qualities are embodied in the colorful flannel cleaning cloths, giving you a great all-purpose rag. The colorful flannel wipes are excellent all-purpose clothes since they are made from post-consumer flannel shirts, pajamas, and blankets. They work incredibly well for metal polishing and buffing because of their gentle and smooth texture. When compared to a conventional t-shirt rag, its greater absorbency and thickness make it simpler to mop up spills. 

The next time you spill something inside the house, try blotting it up with your flannel pajamas rather than that old t-shirt. Don’t worry if you don’t have any flannel; we do!

This wiping cloth grade might not be the ideal for you if your profession involves utilizing solvents, acetones, or other chemicals with the rags. The cloth could bleed color onto the surface you are wiping as a result of these substances. If you need a cleaning cloth that won’t bleed, you might want to choose a gray or white rag grade. This grade is for you if all you want to do is clean up spills!

Our Specialty Flannelette 

  • Recycled mixed colored cotton content flannel
  • Light to Heavy weight, soft and thick
  • May have seams
  • Great for cleaning oil and grease, mechanical shops and polishing
  • Low cost, 100% Recycled product
  • Medium to High Absorbency
  • Medium to High Lint
  • Approximate Size: 15″x15″
  • Approximate number of rags per pound: 11

Our  Specialty Flannelette is an excellent substitute for diaper polishing cloths are these multipurpose Flannel cleaning rags. These rags will produce fantastic polishing outcomes. good absorption capacity. Safe and devoid of metal rags. Choose the best Flannelette bulk only from Sam’s Rags today!

Weight20 kg