Fleecy Rags 20kg

  • Sloppy joe  material; -high lint
  • Mechanical, Shipping, Machinery, Sand Soil & Oil Yards



Best Quality Fleecy Cleaning Rags Bulk in Australia 

The affordable Fleecy Cleaning Rag’s distinctive dual surface—smooth on one side and fluffy on the other—offers exceptional versatility. This sturdy cloth makes quick work of cleaning greasy machinery and equipment. Due to its medium to high absorbency, the super-soft fleecy cleaning cloth will easily remove heavy oil and filth in addition to being durable and cost-effective in usage. Fleecy cleaning cloths are excellent at absorbing liquids. They are delicate and enduring. Our quality control team has verified that these rags are free of metal and suitable for usage.

Product Specifications

Heavy duty absorbent wiper rags that won’t degrade and won’t leave lint all over the place are necessary for businesses that deal with heavy grease and dirt, such as fleet maintenance shops.

We use recycled fleece from sweatshirts and other fleece clothing to make our absorbent fleece rags.

These fleece towels are sturdy and won’t snag while you clean greasy gear and equipment. They are incredibly affordable because our price is less than what rental rags cost.

Absorbent fleece rags come in a range of sizes, have two surfaces—a smooth side and a fluffy side—have undergone quality inspection, and have had all of their buttons and zippers taken out.

These wiper cloths are a favourite among janitorial and auto/truck repair teams. They come in white and a variety of colours. Our fleece wiping towels are sold per weight and come in dispenser boxes of 25 pounds and 50 pounds.

Why Sam’s Fleece rags the best?

The material used to make these cloths is recycled from sweatshirts. They are excellent for general cleaning and highly cost-effective for manufacturing, maintenance, and machine shops. A few benefits of selling items in bags include being able to put more on a pallet, taking up less room, being easier to handle and store, and protecting the rags from being wet and soiled. Bags provide the advantages of taking up less room, allowing for better product display, being simpler to handle and store, and offering protection from liquids. Choose the best Fleecy bulk only from Sam’s Rags today! 

Weight 20 kg