White T Shirt 20kg

  • White T-Shirt material 100% cotton highly absorbent
  • Printers, Painters, Stainers, Furniture, Glass & Perspex



Best White Cotton T-Shirt Rags Bulk in Australia 

T-shirt rags bulk work well for wiping, polishing, and other routine cleaning tasks. They are made from “t-shirt fabric,” which makes them a useful and green product that is sturdy, long-lasting, washable, and reusable.

Our recycled t-shirt rags come in cotton and poly-cotton varieties and have been cleaned, shed, and sanitized to meet industry requirements. They are the most sustainable choice for any company interested in employing “greener” items.

Virgin cotton t-shirt rags bulk have never been used before, in contrast to recovered rags. However, they are another eco-friendly option because they are equally strong, washable, and reusable as their recycled counterparts.

Sam’s Rags Australia consistently provides micro, small, medium, and big enterprises in Australia with a wide selection of t-shirt rags.

Why is Sam’s Rags the best? 

We take pleasure in being more than “simply” a provider, though. We make sure that every product you buy from us is not only of the highest quality, but also the best product for your intended uses since we have a team of technical specialists available to discuss with you on all of your business’s needs, including MRO. To discover the Sam’s Rags difference, get in touch with us right now. Simple cleanup of messy spills. Now Painting Industry , mechanical Industry , cleaning work, and gardening are perfect applications for linen’s t-shirt rags. T-shirt-derived textiles are reusable, absorbent, and long-lasting. They are sensible and affordable solutions for every type of enterprise, undertaking, or sector. We provide 200-pound wholesale volumes in addition to one-pound packages. 

On some items, we also have the option of 1000-pound pallets. Our 1000-pound pallet of Pre-Washed Reclaimed T-Shirt Rags bulk  is the most well-liked wholesale T-shirt rag we provide. This size is ideal for larger businesses that require plenty of inexpensive rags.

In order to provide your company with high-quality goods that fit your budget and target market, our product line includes both affordable and upscale things. Pick from a wide selection of our bedding, towel rentals, table linens, cleaning supplies, and other items! Choose the best t-shirt rags bulk only from Sam’s Rags today!

Weight20 kg